To increase potency in men naturally

Lifting potency at home natural ways – it means that without the use of stimulant drugs, medicines, surgical procedure, – a man gets rid of a number of fears and concerns. What is this fear?

Man is responsible himself just a few "inconvenient" questions:

  1. How to increase power in a domestic environment, without exposure to the risk of the other systems of the organism (in the first place, cardiovascular and endocrine)? Because the quick solution with the help of well-known Viagra and its analogues to burden the heart, blood vessels and requires from a man in good health. This is especially true after 50 years after 60 years and later.
  2. How to increase potency, is not encroaching on the "fine adjustment" of the hormonal status, any intervention which may result in deterioration of the functioning of the other systems of the body? Because each hormone stimulant may how to increase the potency, and so disrupt the more-or-less functioning ecological "mechanism".
  3. And finally, how to increase potency in men, natural ways to allow the body to fully realize their own potential? After all, for example, prematurely and uncontrollably started testosterone replacement therapy may in an Amateur approach, lead to a sharp decline in production of your own testosterone and to permanent depending on the drugs.

So in this article we will try to answer these questions, and also tell, how to improve erectile function in domestic conditions with the help of sexual techniques and practices, how to increase the potency and after 50 years, and after 60 years of using lifestyle changes, and consider how to treat (and, most importantly, how to cure) of disorders of ejaculation that often and are associated psychogenic disorders of potency.

The difference between the rapid and stable increase in potency

Quickly in domestic conditions (for example, 1 day or even 1 hour), but still and natural way to improve potency is possible only one way – by clearing the psychogenic (psychological) cause praesent disorders (in the case that occurs is this form of impotence). Factors that have a purely psychological nature, can be listed, for example:

  • unpleasant conditions for the implementation of sexual intercourse (the noise outside the window, not lockable door, arrival of relatives, the awkward creak of the sofa, etc.),
  • disruptive behavior or appearance of the partner,
  • manifestation of crisis of mutual relations (local, or global nature).

To end an argument, change the place of sexual intercourse, change the smell of perfume or the style of underwear partner allow you to quickly increase the potency of men, dans essential accompaniment and the circumstances accompanying the sexual contact.

In addition, to gain power (in terms of how to restore potency quickly), in some cases, it is possible, just sleep and restore the usual way of life, with a standard alternation of day and night. Such a simple way will have a much stronger impact than it sometimes seems. The condition of the nervous system and erections in men, are always closely linked.

Finally, the power in the home quickly may increase if serious health problems, no, but temporarily manifested in what is popularly referred to as "a state of non-aptus".


When total fatigue is not yet to accumulate, but between "sex" and "just lie down" I want to select the second. Similar to the temporary reluctance at all from time to time occurs in every man, so that the taoists even gave him a separate the term "wisdom of the penis", bearing in mind that in such moments the body itself is in charge of the men how to proceed correctly.

But what to do, when the circumstances still require men to answer imposuit him hope? Here you will help the correct choice of posture, and a preview of the massage.

To ensure enhance the potency before sexual intercourse, it is desirable to massage the sexual organs and lower back (buttocks) in the sacral area. In this case, if the massage of the penis and the scrotum one can do alone, to do an effective massage moves from the back, one is already somewhat more complicated. So, to massage (including the genitals), it is appropriate to draw a mate. The very fact of the participation sexual partner in the preparation are already working on the removal of erektivnoy dysfunction and restores men's power enhance natural biological mechanism.

Sometimes in these cases, resort even to the nulla massage – action on the acupressure points, the existence of which prevents, that the whole direction of traditional chinese medicine. If you follow the recommendations of the chinese healers, then such points can be found:

  • on the hands – if you turn one hand palm down and index and big fingers of the other hand, put on a serving bone in the wrist, little – one and a half centimeters – degrade the fingers toward the elbow,
  • the stop – symmetrically on both legs exactly in the middle of the inner part of the foot, above the elevator, which is for people with flat feet are undervalued or almost absent,
  • on the back – on both sides of the spine, where, as he believed, there are many biologically active points, with large, in particular, their number in the area of the lower back.

During this massage it is possible to ensure the restoration of potency in the home environment and through daily routines. It is one of the most beautiful natural ways to strengthen the potency in men in domestic terms, in terms of external massage. No less useful for male potency prostate massage, which shows a man in a different age, but after 60 years in it, most of the men. However, this purely medical procedure, it is also possible to perform in home conditions, but as the vestibule of the sexual intercourse is not widely prevalent.

In terms of posture, which allows you to extend the potency in men directly during sexual intercourse, andrologists and sexologists advise to the person to take a vertical position or to occupy the position of "top", which provides a natural increase in blood flow, and increase male potency in sexual intercourse. In addition, it allows men with greater ease to control the process, and if it is necessary to delay quick ejaculation.

In all the above cases it is possible to relatively quickly restore potency at home, without resorting to additional resources. But how to quickly increase the strength of the natural ways, if its the reason lies in the deep psychological complexes and long-term complaints to decide which may just a therapist or a sexologist, or in environmental factors, on the basis of which lies:

  • the weak sensitivity of the genital organs, which may be due to impaired digestion of nerve impulses due to microtraumas to the spine or a pinched nerve, just to reach from the sacrum and innervating the organs of the genitourinary system, and so on,
  • bad improve blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis due to atherosclerosis, damage to the small blood vessels or violation of the mechanism of the termination of the outflow of venous blood,
  • a decrease in the level of testosterone, caused by either the age of the culmen (advancing more often after 50 years, at least after 60 years), and either endocrine diseases.

Just cure the underlying disease, which pathology or transition, as in the case of the termination of the production of hormones, in alternation therapy, it is possible to speak about restoration of potency.

The actions of the various amplifiers, offering "just an hour" steady strengthening, improvement and long-term increase potency at home in the presence of atherosclerosis or diabetes mellitus (which is half of the ill people by themselves into special analyses, no idea), it will be ineffective. For the treatment of potency in the home conditions, if the dysfunction is caused by systemic diseases will need (depending on the severity of the disease), nor the hour, nor the day, but much more days, weeks and months. Organic disorders are often treated with over the years, for both complete, so that in the normal urogenital system, it is necessary to get rid of all the factors, which on its functionality impact.

The old methods of and procedures for maintaining sexual health

About how to restore the male power natural ways how our ancestors began to think even thousands of years ago. Already mentioned in the article, the taoists developed a whole "science of love", which will allow a person at any age to increase their abilities and help keep the potency at 60 years and later. On the basis of this science lies the practice of delayed ejaculation. This means that it is assumed that an orgasm a man is not achieved simultaneously with ejaculation, and no matter what it is possible to multiple orgasms without ejaculation in the course of one sexual intercourse, which can last even an hour and two, depending on the wishes of men and the needs of women.

In addition, the Taoist tradition it is believed a gradual decline with age, the number of ejaculations', if they are not associated with the function of procreation, because each sexual intercourse with the ejaculation robs men of the lot of forces and energy, and with the years is to renew all the harder. So, for example, after 50 years ejaculation asked go approximately every 20 intercourse, and after 60 years it is generally recommended to have sex and get an orgasm without ejaculation.

Many western urologists believe that this practice may cause worsening of inflammation of the prostate, and it violates the natural process of spermatogenesis. But no the smaller number of their colleagues find confirmation of the fact that failure of ejaculation during sexual intercourse can in some way harm the health of men. How to check if Taoist recommendations? If you contact your doctor for individual consultation and start yourself practicing Taoist science of love, the greater the opportunity to stretch sexual intercourse more than an hour, sufficient motivation for many men.

To achieve the necessary effect of applying the various techniques that potency, the reinforcement of control over the ejaculation, increasing the time until ejaculation, among which are the following:

  1. Breathing exercises. The first way to stop the impending ejaculation – deeply breathe and for a few seconds and hold your air. Some people practice rapid shallow breathing for the power dissipation, some deep and slow breathing for energy control. Here everyone chooses for themselves their proven ways that work better than others.
  2. Pull the testes down for a few seconds before ejaculation.
  3. Per obsessio de seed the channel of the fingers by using a start push for him in the area behind the testicles (in the interval between the anal sphincter and the scrotum).
  4. The temporary suspension of its first movements.
  5. The concentration of attention.
  6. Dissipation of sexual energy through the reduction of the pubic-coccygeal muscles or in other ways.

Weak potency too is not a problem for taoist gurus, because they believe that the start of sexual intercourse is quite possible, and without achieving a full erection. Taoists in general, regardless of the age-related praesent disorders as a problem, due to the fact that even after 60 years, and later it is possible to completely preserve the sexual activity.

Lifestyle and nutrition as the basis of the natural preservation of potency

The foundation of a great part of the obtained problems with energy is lifestyle and nutrition. Inactivity and overeating leads not only to direct praesent disorders, but also the incidence of diseases, the development of which then indirectly impact on the reduction of potency. So in the long term enhance the potency at home, the recipe is simple:

  • the increase in time spent behind a desk, and in the active movement,
  • refusal to overeating and monotonous food in favor of consumption varied deals and products that increase the level of necessary man trace minerals (mainly zinc and iodine), vitamins, acids,
  • workout of the pubic-coccygeal muscle (called PC muscle),
  • contrast shower in the morning to improve the response of the nervous system,
  • a common massage, but also massage the prostate, prostate gland, sexual organs, lumbar, biologically active points,
  • the leadership of the medical examination in order to detect diabetes mellitus, pathological processes in the blood vessels, blood levels of testosterone (the last more-less reliable results it is necessary to carry out repeatedly and in the dynamics).

What is potency in men: why problems arise and how to prevent them?

Each person is important to have a strong sexual health. The great importance of this factor attach to men, because the ability of the body to the attainment of sexual intercourse greatly affects their self-esteem and confidence in yourself. When the men show up problems in sexual life, they become unsure and irritated.

What is the potency?

Men's potency – the ability of the male body to the attainment of sexual intercourse, which will bring pleasure to both sex partners. Full sex life necessary for the development of men. A lot of people the word "potency" compared to the concept of "erection". However, on the potency effect not only on the erection. For a good sex life is an important attraction to the opposite sex, the quality and duration of sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of low the potency of the stronger sex are expressed:

  • weak erection or complete lack thereof;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • lack of sexual desire;
  • android frigidity.

Impotence in men – it is a morbid condition, on the basis of which lies the violation of the physiological ability of the penis to come into a state of erection.


Good efficiency depends on many physical and psychological factors. Lack of stress, proper nutrition, exercise, regular sexual life – all this has a beneficial effect on the force of men in bed. If the problem still appeared, it is not worth it to put off going to the doctor. A comprehensive treatment effectively restores power and returns self-esteem.